June 27, 2006

East Coast Screenings of Soma An Anarchist Therapy

6/30 Emergence Community Arts Collective
(ECAC) 733 Euclid St. in Washington DC.
7/1 Al Fishawy, Al-Fishawy internet Cafe 4132 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20011

7/2, Mid Atlantic Radical Book Fair, Baltimore
7/2 Lava, 4134 Lancaster Ave , sPhilli
7/3 Blue Stockings NYC http://bluestockings.com/
7/5 Galapagos, Brooklyn, http://www.galapagosartspace.com/
7/6 Arts In Motion, Young Street (off of South Street, 2 blocks south of the Frog Bridge), Willimantic, CT
7/7 JED Collective, Greene, Maine. info: (207) 946-4478
7/8 Lucy Parson's Boston, 549 Collumbus Ave, Boston MA 02115
7/9 Collective A Go-Go, 266 Olean St. Worcester, MA 01602

documentary: Soma: An Anarchist Therapy
(DVD shot in Brazil subtitles in English)
With difficulty walking and half-blinded from torture by the Brazilian military dictatorship, 79 year old Roberto Freire continues to develop somatherapy, completing his life's work. Incorporating the ideas of Wilhelm Reich, the politics of anarchism, and the culture of the martial art / dance capoeira angola, Soma is used by therapists organized in anarchist collectives to fight the psychological effects of authoritarianism.
more info AND PREVIEW: http://somadocumentary.com

Nazis Vs. Zapatistas: The Struggle Against Co-optation
The workshop examines philosophies, structures and psychology, comparing authoritarian models to those that are consensual, communitarian or autonomous. Informed by Zapatista principles, the workshop develops a skill set for identifying, challenging and defeating the authoritarian tool of co-optation.
more info: http://nickcooper.com/antipowerworkshop.htm


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