June 25, 2006

July 9-16, Gr8

Eight Days of Resistance in Washington, DC, against G8's Great Greed! CALL TO ACTION from Farragut Squares Collective (To The G8th Power!)

In Washington, DC, during the week of July 9-16 leading up to and during the 2006 G8 Summit, let's show the world that popular resistance to the G8's neo-liberal "energy security" schemes is active and intense! There ARE limits to capitalist consumption, and we're gonna TEST the G8 energy addicts and their corporate cronies with a detoxifying blast of surprise direct action tactics. Although this year the G8 is meeting thousands of miles away in Russia, there is so much that we can accomplish, in solidarity with protests there and all over the world, here in Washington, DC, the political and economic nerve center of G8 global domination. Join us in DC for the Gr8 Eight Days of Resistance, and visit www.rtc.revolt.org regularly for updates!





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