June 26, 2006

From Resistance to Liberation: Documents From the Black Panther Party

Some Black Panther History from Pan-African News

Reprinted From The Black Panther: Black Community News Service, 20 June 1970, pp. 17–18

Nearly 30 Panthers have been killed since the Party was founded; in the first year of the Nixon administration, over 400 had been arrested on various charges; Panther offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Des Moines and 15 other cities have been attacked by police. Nearly all members of their original Central Committee have been suppressed: killed, jailed or forced into exile. The Justice Department has a special task force on the Panthers; the FBI considers them the greatest single threat to our national security; at least two congressional committees and several grand juries are investigating them.

The Panthers are the target not of repression but of an undeclared war.


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