June 24, 2006

In an anarchist society, how do members deal with 'unacceptable behavior'?

What I'm thinking is when you have no laws and no prisons, what do you do when someone commits murder?

It would depend on the communites ideals on what is unacceptable behavoir. - Venus__27
i guess in an anarchy society, self preservation would prevail and no one would stick their head for somebody else and if the crime is commited to someone you cared for.. you alone would seek justice in your own way. -gg
Ask them not to? Or kill them back? No clue. -Malapralaya
if there is no rule or no government, in theory, nothing at all would be done...only the strong would survive..... -donnathegrea...
Your question also provides the very fallacy of anarchy. Without governmental order, murder or theft or rape, would go unpunished. Anarchists are too optimistic about the nature of humans. -rlw
You poor thing, if you are getting your advise from all of these nut jobs, than you've got more to worry about. The truth is that with autonomy comes accountability. In a society absent of governance the only reprimand available is that of himself, or that of the social group with which he conspires. Since their is a lack thereof, I guess nobody can advocate for the needy. This is why anarchy is a social impossibility. -Kristin D
In the first place there IS NO "anarchist SOCIETY" the terms are mutually exclusive. In the second place it wouldn't be called "murder" it would just be "a weakling got offed by a tougher thug". If the "killer" was allied with powerful others he would probably be a hero or at least go unjudged and uncensored. If his friends were weak or he was a loner he would be either hunted down and killed in revenge or he would continue to rise to claim power and possessions until someone came along and deposed him. With anarchy MIGHT is the only RIGHT. Think of a world run by street gangs and war lords. -ckswife
Anarchy means no RULER, not no rules. The best way for anarchy to function is in a small group, because anonymity breeds wrongdoing. Living in an anarchic society is a privilege, and the punishment would be set by the group. It could be anything from ostracism to capital punishment.

Anarchists value responsibility because irresponsible people need rulers to keep them in line. -candy2mercy
How ever each individual chooses to deal with "unacceptable behaviour." Personally, in the case of murder, if I were in some position to intervene and prevent said murder, I would. Otherwise, I would do nothing if I heard after the fact that a murder had occured. I would assume that the event went as it was meant to playout. -69F


Blogger the emperor has no clothes said...

Wow, anarchism seems to be a really misunderstood term, huh? Figures, since I'm guessing most of these posts come for people living a westernized society. Read something by Noam Chomsky. It'll make you think, and that's good, right? I'm sure some people will disagree....
There were many indigenous societies that weren't police societies...weird, huh? And in many Native American societies, there were no words or concepts for things like child abuse or rape. They didn't even have a concept of these things!!! Wow, people actually being decent without someone telling them to....

Saturday, June 24, 2006  
Blogger Alice said...

I do read Noam, happy to know that someone else does also.

~Wow, people actually being decent without someone telling them to....~

That's the world I LOVE. Thanks for the comment.

Sunday, June 25, 2006  

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