October 22, 2006

Ramblings that include coconut milk

From http://anarchyissexy.blogspot.com

The other day I spent alot of time on YouTube checking out the footage of anarchists in their blocs and protests. It was inspiring. It's nice to know you all are out there fighting the good fight, putting your bodies on the line for what you beleive in, so that all of us can walk the streets when and where we want to without a permit thats says we are allowed to do so.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that anarchy is more than its definition in the dictionary? Is it that they are happy being sheep? Are they content to be herded this way and that, always chasing after the illusion of freedom? Why cant they understand that freedom is more than being able to choose between this or that political candidate who really doesnt give a shit about them in the long run anyway?

People have strong reactions to those who call themselves anarchists. I've noticed, that the moment you mention you're an anarchist, people wanna attack you. But its the same argument every time, "it'll never work" they say. And then they continue with ad hominem attacks that, at times can cut you to the quick, if you're a sensitive woman like me. (Yes, I'm a sensitive anarchist. I like kittens and flowers just as much as I adore the revolution). I learn more and more that anarchy is the most underappreciated and hated philosophy in the world.

I keep thinking about getting an anarchist tattoo. A symbol of my faith that humanity can evolve past governments of all kinds. Deep in my genetic memory lies the grandeur and deep spiritual connection of the "tribe." And, I miss it, wanna go home to it, look everywhere for it and am rebuffed at every turn. Anyone else feel it in their bones and in the blood pump-pump-pumping through all the highways and biways of their inner being? Am I alone?

I feel alone. I told a friend that anarchists are islands unto themselves. Only every once and awhile do you get the opportunity to visit someone elses beautifull paradise and drink the sweet coconut milk of the highest aspirations of humanity. We are beacons to one another, hope lights, like the one put up on Luna by Julia Butterfly. We shine in the night of corruption and injustice. And because we shine so bright, we are sought after by those who hold the candle snuffers. They'd love to put us out so that the sky is black everynight and the sheep can see no light. posted by anarchyissexy


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