October 20, 2006

$250,000 Reward For Information About Election Fraud In The November Election

VelvetRevolution is offering a $250,000 reward for information about election fraud and manipulation in the November 7th mid-term elections. That’s a quarter million dollars to the persons or persons who provide us with definitive and conclusive proof that a United States House or Senate election has been rigged by illegal means.

The information must result in an overturning of a congressional election and a conviction of the person or persons responsible for the fraud. We want whistleblowers to come forward and to provide us with evidence, documents, tape recordings, and admissions. Send to tips at velvetrevolution.us.

This reward is one part of VR’s ongoing Election Protection Strike Force, with lots more to come.

e-mail:: info@velvetrevolution.us homepage:: http://velvetrevolution.us


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