October 22, 2006

Support Six Nations Political Prisoners

It has now been over 8 months now since the people of Six Nations
repossessed a tract of land that was stolen from the Haudonausaunee by
the Canadian government and sold to developers. They have endured media
slander, racist settler violence, police brutality, constant
surveillance and one OPP raid. Since the reclamation began, at least 23 people have
had charges laid against them. Out of these 23 people, 3 are now in prison:
Trevor Miller, from Six Nations, Ron Gibson, from Akwasasne, and one
young offender from Six Nations who is currently in juvenile detention.

Support for Six Nations Land Reclamation political prisoners is urgently
needed. Please read the article below which appeared in the weekly
Tekawennake, a Six Nations local newspaper, last Wednesday, October
11th. Further information on the events of June 9th is also copied below.
Please write letters of support to Trevor Miller, who has been inside since
August 9th, and has yet to be given a trial date. Show him your support
for the fact that he is an indigenous warrior who now sits in jail for
having defended his land and people.

Furthermore, please contribute, if you can, to the legal defense for the
state's ransoms (a.k.a. bail) on indigenous resistance.

To contribute financially to the legal defense for Six Nations Land
Reclamation political prisoners:

Send a check to Janie Jamieson, RR#6, Hagersville (Ontario, Canada) N0A
Please mark your contribution as legal defense.


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