October 11, 2006


This site is dedicated to those in prison throughout the world who retain their integrity in the face of oppression. To those who struggle against all odds to stick to an ideal. To those who rise above their chains, and despite the cost, refuse to submit, refuse to be beaten down, and refuse to lose their humanity.

"To those human beings whom I have a stake I wish suffering, being forsaken, sickness, maltreatment, humiliation-I wish that the profound self-contempt, the torture and mistrust of oneself, and the misery of him who is overcome, not remain unknown to them: I have no pity for them because I wish them the only thing can prove today whether one has worth or not-that one holds out" - Nietzsche

Within this website you will be able to view Use of Force video from inside the death row unit in Texas. Use of Force videos are public information, and anyone can obtain them by ordering them through the state. You will see first hand Steven being gassed and taken down by a 5 man team.


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