October 09, 2006

Athens University Occupied by Youths

by Mary Lou Tzempelikou
Oct 7

On Thursday night, a group of youths broke in and is occupying the main building of the University of Athens demanding Savvas Xiros’ release from prison. Before the occupancy of the building, an event for the rights of the imprisoned in Korydallos had taken place in Propylaia. The issue was touched upon by Minister of Education Marietta Giannakou who spoke of a violation of university immunity. In an announcement, the University Senate stated that the occupation of the university hinders its operation and afflicts the notion of immunity and called on the occupants to leave the building. The Senate will be constantly convening until the occupancy ends.

Athens Polytecnic School occupation is solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike
Mainstream News On The Arrests Of Suspected Members Of ELA In Greece


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