October 10, 2006

Boston: Columbus Statue Painted Red - Columbus Day Celebrates Genocide

As of 3 o’clock this morning the statue of Christopher Columbus standing in the North End has been drenched with red paint. This stain is a symbolic action celebrating the collaborative efforts of the privileged and the oppressed in the fight for collective liberation.

Today this country celebrates the legacy of European Empire and Christopher Columbus. The continued colonization of this continent and others must cease now. The people must move towards reparations and accountable community relations. We witness the ongoing exploitation of people of color in this country through the industrialized prison/enslavement complex, war on Iraq (including an economic draft), and active gentrification by genocide of gulf coast communities. Our high schools are still teaching histories of white supremacist lies and everywhere white folks are privileged at the expense of people of color. On this Columbus Day may we, instead, remember our call to action to take down the systems of white power and to truly advocate social justice for all!


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