September 30, 2006

Noam Chomsky's Interview with NOW

NOW on the News examines the "why" behind current headlines. Listen to Maria Hinojosa's conversation with esteemed intellectual Noam Chomsky, as he questions both Clinton and Bush, and shares how he believes opportunities for peace are being squandered.

Interview Highlights:

* "Why is there a prolonged applause [when Hugo Chavez spoke at the U.N. last week]? Maybe it's because of the substance of what he said ... that the U.S. is a leading threat to peace in the world. That's not controversial."

* "There was a false claim [by Hugo Chavez], it turns out, that I had died."

* "Even in Europe, which is where there is the largest support for the U.S., that the U.S. leads by far, among the population, as a threat to world peace. Far beyond Iran."

* "For the last year, the Republican administration has been shooting itself in the foot ... The Democrats have not gained from this ... What that illustrates is that there is no functioning opposition party. People don't know what the Democrats proposals are."

* "The worst way to deal with it [terrorism] is to give gifts to Osama bin Laden ... Bush is Osama bin Laden's best ally, because the reactions are violence."

* "The tiny clique in Washington that is barely holding on to power might actually attack Iran ... will we allow them to drive to a war that could have tremendous consequences, it could blow up the region."

* "Clinton himself acted in ways which increased the threat of terror."

* "We are in an extremely dangerous situation ... in fact literal threats to survival ... but on the other hand there is every reason for optimism."



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