September 27, 2006

Blogging in Cuba

Anarchist Librarian

I know that, today, I teach new things to public librarians (through my program, “Informing Informators”). I also blaspheme against everything in all the professional listservs that still didn´t censor me, I work with the PROPALE in Reading Animation tasks, I write in the Wikipedia, I collaborate with half a dozen Open Access Archives in Latin America, I have my own independent company provinding bio-medical information, I edit this blog where I tell my stories (and other blogs, where I tell others´ stories...), I travel a lot because I am a nomadic soul, and I am writing a couple of books that I´ll publish one day, in the future...

Am I all this?

Not at all... That´s “what” I am, circumstantially, not “who” I am... Actually I am a dreamer fighting for peace and equality; a crazy man who feels rage in front of injustices; an artist moved by the touch of old books; a musician turning his dreams into sounds; a library rat, almost blinded by too much reading; a lover of life and beauty; a solitary wolf looking for his place in the world; a winner laughing all his laughters and a loser crying all his tears...

I am an anarchist. And this is the reason of a lot of my attitudes.

I am a human being who still spends a lot of time writing letters to those who write him, helping people who need help, and smoking a couple of pipes in front of a couple of beers, with my friends.


Anna in Cuba: Mi Experiencia Cubana notes from a student from New York spending a semester in Cuba. Here finally I see some photos of the famous Malecón and a little bit of description of daily life with its ups and downs.


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