September 28, 2006

Chile: Six anarchists arrested after police raid squat

Santiago de Chile
In the morning of September 26th, special forces of the police broke into a squatted house located downtown, and six people, including a compaƱero from Spain, have been detained. Police say that molotov bombs and all the stuff required to prepare them were found in the place. Empty bottles (who doesn't have empty bottles at home?), kerosene (some of the people were jugglers and of course did fire juggling), sawdust (used for beds that the [black] cats in the house had), and of course "subversive material": zines, posters, banners, books, and videos and printed instructives to make molotov bombs. 4 bombs already made were found, according to the local CSI, who were there too. All the four bombs were supposed to be used in the protest organized for that day by the Nacional Association of Teachers and High School students organizations.


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