August 17, 2006

"Who Killed the Electric Car?" now in theaters

TransportationElectric Cars Crushed: Documentary Now in Theaters in North America and Europe

Chris Paine's documentary film, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" has energized audiences at Sundance, San Francisco and Tribeca film festivals. The story of GM's building, leasing, repossessing and crushing its EV1 battery electric car parallels the fates of eight other highway-capable electric vehicles (EVs) built by six major automakers for US drivers.

The film creates outrage at the suppression and destruction of practical and well-received zero-emission vehicles that inspired EV drivers' clubs across America. Last year, two people were arrested trying to block transports hauling the last 80 perfectly drivable EV1s from Burbank, CA to Mesa, AZ for crushing.

If you want vehicles that emit no pollution, need little servicing, cost less than a nickel a mile to drive, can free us from foreign oil addiction and will cut respiratory disease rates, see this film!


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