August 13, 2006

Brize Norton Closed

by bozavine
The Military air base at Brize Norton which the americans are using to support the Isreali attacks on lebannon has been closed

This morning a group of activists, from Pacifist Peace campaigners through to anarchists from Cardiff Anarchist Network, have closed down access to Brize Norton Military air base.

The action started about an hour ago, and at present there are huge tail backs with the police trying to get lorries and vehicles in and out of the camp, buit failing to do so. The police are currently considering whether to use their new powers under serious organised crime law to remove the protestors.

It appears the police were not expecting this action which is why it has been so succesful at closing the camp.

The action is in protest at the British and American support for the isreali military attacks in lebannon. The israeli government has deliberatley attacked civilian targets which contravenes international law. The British and American Government are also acting unlawfully by allow military equipement to be passed to isreal through Brize Norton, which is why the camp has been closed.


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