August 08, 2006

The psychopaths in Washington D.C. are shaking in their blood-stained boots

by Oscar Heck
There is so much to write about ... so much to research and so little time to do it in. Recent world events have been slapping us in the face over and over again with realities that are un-understandable ... because anyone with a heart and an average functional brain (like most of us) cannot possibly fathom what is going on around us.

What Israel is doing against innocent people in Palestine and Lebanon, what the USA is doing against innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq, what the USA (and probably with Israel) is preparing to do against more innocent people in Iran and possibly Syria and Venezuela is beyond reason, beyond logic.

The way the Canadian, British and Australian governments openly support and participate in the ongoing crimes of the USA and Israel ... and the way the people of these countries (our countries) just sit by and do nothing about it ... is beyond reason ... and quite obviously disheartening. I live in Canada, I was born here, and I am disgusted to be a Canadian. I am more than ashamed, I abhor the fact that I was born amongst clans of peoples who have no courage to stand up for what is right.

We, in these three countries are mostly spineless idiobots whose main concerns revolve around our own selfish puny little lives while thousands of innocent women and children and old frail men die assassinated by our own bombs and bullets, dropped by our own brothers and sisters. (Hey, its easy to blow the crap out of defenseless innocents! Any coward can do the same!) And ... we even have the gall to blindly honor and admire our military people ... those who at one time may have fought honorably to protect us (from what, I still don't know, but I keep the possibility open anyway), but who now are attacking and aggressing people out there somewhere in countries that most of us can't even pinpoint on a map.

There is much more out there today to not understand than perhaps in the past.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's beloved President is one of the few people who have the courage and the heart to stand up for what is right and do it openly without fear. He has recalled Venezuela's diplomat(s) in Israel and he speaks against Israel in public ... something most of us boneless Canadians would never dare to do for fear of being taken to court and jailed for spreading "anti-Semitic" "propaganda."

Hugo Chavez has the courage and the sense of responsibility to now be dealing with countries such as Russia, China and Iran in areas of technology and manufacturing (gas, weaponry, nuclear power generation, farm vehicles, etc.) instead of dealing with the USA who in return uses threats of embargoes against the same states who buy "made in the USA" if they ever dare to disobey orders from Washington.

Former Venezuelan governments, run by Venezuelan traitors had for generations knelt at the footsteps of the US whorehouse ... and Chavez is changing that ... and the USA doesn't like it.

I say, too bad for the USA.

Chavez is enacting a reverse embargo. That is ... do not buy US products or technology. If he can convince the entire world (apart from Australia, England and Canada) to not buy "made in the USA," then who will suffer? What would happen to the US economy? Washington is getting nervous. And what will happen when Chavez pulls the plug on Venezuelan oil going to the USA? What will happen when "Americans," Canadians, Australians and Brits will no longer be able to travel freely to other countries either for vacation or for business because of the very real risk of (arbitrary) assassination?

(Maybe, in a not too distant future we will all be called Abacs: Americans, Brits, Australians, Canadians.)

The murderers and psychopaths in Washington D.C. are shaking in their blood-stained boots ... and we support them! Bush, Rice, Cheney ... and all the rest of that criminal gang have managed to do what no other US government has managed to to so well ... make the entire world hate "Americans" ... and with very good reason. Canadians, Australians and the British will soon be batched into the same category. I give it five years at most. It is our fault for electing leaders who are money-hungry capitalists and ruthless psychopaths who have no shame in leading us into the pits of hell.

Our leaders are traitors to our peoples.

And ... here is another traitor to his people ... a Venezuelan traitor, El Conde Del Guacharo ... who has apparently decided to run against Chavez in the upcoming December 2006 presidential elections.

Scroll down on this page link to a BBC article about El Conde and look at the photo carefully. Look at the hat he is wearing ... a typical Venezuelan traitor ... like all former Venezuelan presidents since the early 1960's ... the ones who ruined Venezuela by allowing US interests and US orders from Washington to flourish while in the process enriching only a few select whiter-skinned Venezuelans ... while in the process condemning the majority darker-skinned millions to mass poverty and systematic exploitation and social abuse.

El Conde is a Venezuelan traitor ... like Carlos Andres Perez, like Juan Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez, Carlos Ortega, Enrique Mendoza, Capriles Radonski, Pedro Carmona, Maria Corina Machado ... and many more ... and ... if El Conde were elected he would probably, like our leaders in Canada, England and Australia also support the USA and Israel in their ongoing crimes against innocent people.

But, Venezuelans are not as stupid or as spineless as we are ... Venezuelans will not vote for another Venezuelan traitor (like El Conde or any other opposition candidate at the moment) ... especially if that traitor wears the US flag on his hat beside the Venezuelan flag as El Conde does in the BBC photo. What a disgusting insult to Venezuelans! I hope all Venezuelans will see that photo (on BBC) and realize the traitor he really is.

He may be a funny guy ... but wearing the USA flag is not funny at all!

Many things are not understandable these days ... but one thing is very understandable ... Chavez is not a traitor ... Chavez is working for the Venezuelan people and not against them (as past presidents did and as El Conde would if he were in power).

Chavez is not working for the USA or for its government or for its economic powers. Chavez is working for the Venezuelan people. Chavez is honest and forthright, he speaks the truth openly and without fear. He has a spine ...

  • We are mere mollusks without a shell compared to Chavez ... we are gutless chicken-heads compared to the Venezuelan people. Venezuelans had the courage to elect a leader with heart and humanity, with sincerity and commitment, with bravado and faith.

We are only capable of electing traitors.

This, at least, is understandable ...


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