August 08, 2006

Feral Visions heads for forests of Mt. Graham

by Adam Gaub, Assistant Editor
Anarchy has invaded the woodland areas of Mount Graham, and local police are hoping the group keeps the gathering peaceful.

An anarchist group, Feral Visions Against Civilization, is holding its fourth annual green anarchist gathering in the mountains of southeastern Arizona. The group held its first gathering in Oregon, according to a Tucson woman, Gigi, who spoke on behalf of the group’s organizers.

“Mount Graham was picked because it was an absolutely beautiful location,” Gigi said. “People are coming from all over the country.”

Gigi said the group, while both political and environmentally conscious in its nature, is open and welcome to anyone who wants to come and experience what it is all about.

However, she admits the group is wary of the media, and several members of the group refused to give interviews to the Courier.

“It’s hard to say who is going to give a decent review or not,” Gigi said.

In information provided on its Web site,, the group states, “Law enforcement is not welcome.”

Graham County Sheriff Frank Hughes was hopeful there would not be any cause for concern.

“We hope there won’t be any type of incidents,” Hughes said. “I hope these folks come in here and follow what they say they are going to in their fliers and Web sites.”

What the group plans to do, said Gigi, is to educate, share ideas and enjoy the beautiful surroundings Mount Graham provides.

“It’s a group of people getting together and discussing how to live as gently and respectfully to the planet and with other people that they can,” Gigi said. “People will be up here teaching primitive skills, like how to build a sustainable shelter like a wickiup.”

Gigi said members of the San Carlos Apache Nation would be coming up to teach different workshops to the Feral Visions members.

As for herself, Gigi said despite the rain, she was looking forward to the event.

“I’m looking forward to being able to exchange ideas,” she said.

Feral Visions will be on the mountain, holding several classes and workshops, including some in self-defense and others in primitive skills instruction, until Aug. 13.

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