August 06, 2006

America: Freedom to Facism...what happened?

by Blackflag317

This movie was suddenly pulled from theaters after a week. What happened?

"America: Freedom to Facism" is a documentary dealing with America's quick move towards a facist state with the use of income taxes, national ID cards, implanted chips, and other Orwellian devices. (a fairly radical film topic). The award winning documentary was released on July 28th and after a week of pretty good ticket sales was pulled by the distributer/production company. In its first week in the box office, the film averaged over $6,100 per theater. To give an idea of where this places the film in weekend box office results- movies like Pirates of the Carribean, The Ant Bully, and Lady in the Water were averaging anywhere from $1000 to $3500 less than this. In fact, $6,100 placed "America: Freedom to Facism" 5th on the list of average ticket sales.

Despite this, the film was mysteriously pulled from every theater it was playing at in the United States. A couple of these theaters were contacted and all responded that they were supposed to have the movie for another week, it was doing very well (selling out most of thier shows), and it was then pulled by the distributer/producer (Cinema Libre Films).

This is all I have been able to find out about the situation and am wondering if anyone has any information as to why the film was pulled.


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