August 11, 2006

The Path Ahead, By John Zerzan

Without a new framework, or vision different from that of the limited and failed efforts of the past, there will be no possibility of challenging the all-enveloping ecocide, dehumanization, and destruction so rampant today. Everyone knows that the candles are flickering, that the generalized crisis continues to spread and deepen. My conservative relatives know it's all going south. This frightening and unprecedented condition must be challenged in its entirety and at its roots. There is less and less interest in partial approaches, and for good reason: they only guarantee that things will continue to get worse and worse.


The realm of the spiritual beckons, because it has to do—or should have to do—with basic things. Our disembodied life-world has lost its place in existence. We no longer see ourselves within the web and cycles of nature. The loss of a direct relationship to the world has closed off a once-universal understanding of our oneness with the natural world. The principles of relatedness and simplicity are at the heart of indigenous knowing: traditional intimacy with the earth as the immanent basis of spirituality. This understanding is an essential and irreplaceable foundation of health and meaningfulness. This lifeline is inestimable. Its echo is heard in comments that green anarchy is at base a spiritual movement, which just may point to world-changing reverberations. This is a very appealing thing to them – and mysterious to me. I have to say that this sphere is an intriguing, wide-open one for me. But it feels good to sense that something is going on and to have openness about it.


Blogger Emerson Crossjostle said...

Abraham, the cat, has taken a little bit more of a detached approach to the subject.

Hard to say. You probably know how it is when beer drinking cats start waxing (talking) philosophically.

More at this link:

Love, Love, Love

...and peace thru anarchy.

Friday, August 11, 2006  
Blogger Alice said...

I LOVE that...


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