July 15, 2006

Washington, DC: Special G8 Critical Mass

Special G8 Critical Mass - this Friday - followed by protest

DC Anti-War Network
13 Jul 2006 10:08:57 AM

The G8 meets this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia, focused on the issue of climate change. In solidarity with protesters in Russia, we call on people to take to their bikes on Friday, 6 PM, in Dupont Circle in protest of the vehicles that cause all the pollution.

Then, at 7:30 PM, those on bikes and on foot, will converge at Vice President Dick Cheney's house, the oil industry's best friend, at 34th and Massachusetts Avenue NW. From there, we will protest Cheney and another place of interest related to the G8
This action does not in any way interfere with the two monthly critical masses. It's simply being called because of the schedule of the G8.

This is being called for by the DC Anti-War Network.

See you at 6PM in Dupont Circle and/or 7:30 PM at 34th and Massachusetts NW.


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