July 11, 2006

Schlund vs. Bush [High-tech Torture] Appeal To Ninth Circuit

by Martin F. Abernathy

Charles Schlund's latest motions in his lawsuit against President Bush.


The United States attorneys’ arguments are no different then the Nazi’s arguing that the concentration camps were just work or education camps. The Nazi’s injected subcutaneous implants into Jews and others in their necks after taking them under their control, systematically violating and depriving these victims of their human rights. This crime is no different then the United States making false claims that Plaintiff is a criminal and that the government is just bugging Plaintiff, as these American Nazi’s threaten and torture Plaintiff Schlund with the implants installed in Plaintiff’s neck and make Plaintiff sick and torture Plaintiff Schlund, depriving him of sleep after forcibly installing the monitoring and torture devices to stop Plaintiff from exercising his constitutional rights in the government’s cover-up of the fixing of the presidential elections of the United States. The crime is the same crime that the Nazi’s committed word for word. The Nazi’s in Germany were convicted of crimes against humanity for their evil and criminal actions. Bush is not Clinton, and Bush is protected and cannot be prosecuted for his crimes. The DOJ and law enforcement in Arizona, integrated into the information/activity Program, will always plant new evidence to frame Plaintiff Schlund as being involved in some bizarre, fantastic and surreal crime as they have for 28 years so they can cover up their crimes and protect the Bush family by removing Plaintiff as a political witness with the use of torture, using so called monitoring devices to torture with. For the court to rule in favor of the Defendant would force Plaintiff Schlund, under torture and under the threat of death by the court, to flee the United States to try to get the torture devices removed and force Plaintiff to return under an assumed name to try to write books that the government has, to date, tortured Plaintiff to prevent him from writing. Plaintiff Schlund is under constant torture and threat of death by the United States through the Bush family and the government’s attempts of stopping him from writing and documenting the facts in this case. Plaintiff Schlund is being tortured and electronically held under the threat of death and constant torture and sleep deprivation to cover-up the crimes Plaintiff read about in the United documents called the Don Boles Papers and/or which he witnessed, including the plans to fix the elections of the United States. For the courts to allow this to continue procedurally would amount to the suspension of the American Constitution and the suspension of all civil rights and human rights laws. The American courts cannot allow the use of torture in investigations and then just refuse to allow the thousands of witnesses to testify to their torture and pretend that the torture and murders are not real. The court would have to be mad and insane to believe that the torture of suspected criminals is justified and can be allowed to continue under the cover of law and the protection of the courts using procedural maneuvers to stop the American people from addressing their grievances in court and trial by dismissing all the lawsuits procedurally prematurely.

The Bush family and the corrupt agents working for the Bush family will always plant evidence against Plaintiff Schlund and will always frame Plaintiff Schlund as being a criminal to justify their evil and corrupt actions. None of this evidence will ever be real, and none of the crimes would have ever existed without the government creating them by the use of torture and terrorism and the planting of the evidence. Plaintiff Schlund will never be arrested or tried in court for any of the crimes because the government cannot win in trial. The government will continue its Nazi-like actions and use procedural maneuvers to terrorize and attack Plaintiff and authorize the use of terrorism and torture in the overthrow of the United States. The use of electronic implants and other so called bugging devices which are really used for torture and control by the government is for the overthrow of the United States by the CIA and its covert operations, such as the DEA.

Plaintiff Schlund requests the court to stop this insane and mad paranoid criminal behavior by the courts and to uphold the American Constitution and its laws. Plaintiff Schlund will be traveling to other countries to document how the courts have covered up the use of implants in the cover-up of the fixing of the presidential elections of the United States. Plaintiff will offer to supply other countries with the information contained in the Don Bolles Papers in exchange for documenting the use of the implants by the United States, to be published for the American people to use in future trials and in the appeal to the United States Supreme Court in this case. The American courts will corruptly issue further warrants against Plaintiff Schlund to try to stop Plaintiff or assassinate Plaintiff during these travels in the search for justice which has been totally denied in the American Courts. Plaintiff Schlund asks the courts to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States and stop the insane criminal investigations against Plaintiff using torture and implants. This lawsuit is not about firing darts into the eve of Plaintiffs house to monitor Plaintiff or the monitoring of the phone or internet. This lawsuit is over the use of terrorism in the form of torture and the framing of Plaintiff Schlund in the cover-up of the fixing of the presidential elections of the United States; and the court’s surreal and fantastic disbelief can only be classified as criminal corruption and the systematic suspension of the American Constitution, deprivation of human rights under the Constitution, and the overthrow of the United States.

As set forth above, “[O]urs is a government of laws, not of man and…we submit ourself to rulers only if under rules.” Youngston, 343 U.S. at 646; Jackson, J. concurring. This court is well aware it has been settled for almost forty (40) years that the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects against warrantless or illegal wire tapping and perpetual surveillance. See, Katz v. United States, 389 U.S. 347, 352 (1967); Blake v. Wright, 179 F.3d 1003, 1008 (6th Cir. 1999) [Wire tapping constitutes a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment, Katz]. Defendant’s pattern of conduct and activity, now shoved under his “Program,” plainly violates Plaintiff Schlund’s Fourth Amendment rights (Excerpt Nos. 1 and 3). Defendant and those associated with him always deny they engage in perpetual invasion of privacy through use of electronic wireless telemetry and associated products out of one side of their mouth and out the other side of their mouth, likewise deny torture by Defendant, which has also been acknowledged and rebuked by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Siderman DeBlak v. Republic of Argentina, 946 F.2d 1450 (9th Circ. 1991)

[Excerpt Nos. 1 and 3].
Dated this 30th day of June, 2006.


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