July 10, 2006

Some feelings a few days before the protests against the G8 in St Petersburg

The authorities in St Petersburg have banned the demonstration that the Russian Social Forum were planning. They were ridiculing the organisers by saying they could march around the Kirov stadium where the RSF is organised. (This is just to report on repression, not to support the RSF, where nationlist, statist, capitalist and fascist elements are participating among people with perhaps some good intentions.)

At the moment there are already lots of police patrolling the city centre of St Petersburg and the authorities have said that no demonstrations will be allowed or seen.

The plan of the authorities is to prevent all people they consider are planning to protest to even enter the city. Railways and telecommunications companies are cooperating with the authorities providing them information. There have already been incidents where people have been picked off from trains.

So the repression is at an all-time-high while the G8 leaders are about to meet to make their catastrophic future plans of state-capitalist-industrialist domination. This is terrorism on global level. Concerning the climate change situation the G8 policies are a global suicide strike. Concerning peak oil and the enfolding global energy crisis, the globalised industrial civilization will fall with potentially catastrophic consequenses. It is also a fact that these people are commiting cold-blooded mass murders in regions such as Iraq, Chechnya and Congo DRC.

Majority of folks around the world need to see the situation in its severity. The world views of these chief industrialists need to be questioned, as well as their materialistic, psychopatic ideas of good life. Their destructive practical activities need and can be stopped by grassroots direct action. And an alternative way of life free of capitalism, the state and industrialism (and all other forms of oppression too, such as patriarchy, racism, homophobia, ageism, speciesm etc.) need to be created in order for us to survive and thrive.

The Libertarian Forum, a desperate but vigorous attempt to reach these and other goals has been going on in Moscow for two days. Lots of representations, discussions and networking has been taking place in this well organised event. During the first day some background was given about the legal situation and the history of the anarchist movement in Russia. During the second day there were discussions and presentations on Indymedia, anarchism's and bolshevism's relationship in Russia, precarization, political prisoner support and carnevalistic street protest and other tactics.

So while the cronies of Kreml, White House and others are preparing their destructive plans, so are those too who want and enjoy to fight for a good life and refuse to bow down to repression even though the situation seems desperate. May the revolutionary underground affinity groups be succesful in their direct actions! For a world which has enough empathy to beat the oppression in all its forms!


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