July 10, 2006

Letter from Tokyo Anarchists to Filipino Anarchists

Anarchist Festival July 2006 Letter from Tokyo Anarchists to A - Festa

Dear Filipino Anarchists,
July 2006 is 70th anniversary of Spanish Revolution which was a
culmination of anarchist movements in history. We are proud to
have anarchist events both in Tokyo and Manila in this July.

The political and cultural situations in Manila and Tokyo must be
quite different. For our point of view, Filipino activists seem to be
more militant than Japanese ones. However, Anarchism itself,
which mainly have been theorized and practiced in the Europe and
United States, has often been treated as an already fragmented and
outdated concept in Asian region, especially in Japan.

However, we see the need for social freedom is one of the basic
human nature and there are struggles for freedom and autonomy in
every corner of the globe, even though they do not call themselves

What we need are not leaders or political parties, but catalysts,
which keep encouraging the movement for freedom without giving
in the state and capitalism, and pull people out from the position of
spectators. Our event in Tokyo will be held to celebrate the releases
of Japanese translation of *An Anarchist FAQ* and a DVD of
*Pueblo En Armas.* We do not know how those releases affect to
our situation. But to do nothing in this reactionary era should be
more or less to accept the current situation. We should remember
the Spanish Revolution was a culmination of more than 60 years of
anarchist activities.

Let us inspire various types of anti-authoritarian activities together as
catalysts. We hope our parallel event will give momentum to radical

For a World of Direct Action and Mutual Aid,

Anarchism Editing Committee
Irregular Rhythm Asylum


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