July 25, 2006

How can we stop all this crazyness, Ajax?

christ, who knows, we're deep in the grip

of these fascist pricks and getting their

claws out is going to be no easy task.

I would say the first step is to become

awakened to the situation we are in

and to become aware of the brain washing

you are subject to everytime you turn on

a TV set.

When I say fascist media proganda brothels

I'm not trying to be cute, it's the truth,

they're everywhere, on every channel and

they try to scrub your brain clean 24/7.

Accept a few basic truths and be aware of them

in you daily life:

1) Truth and the knowing of it is good.

2) There are those who wish you to be their

slaves to satisfy their greed for riches

and power.

3) To question authority is the duty of

a thinking person.

4) Do not allow newspeak to define your view

of the world, death is death, suffering is

suffering, those trying to destroy your

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

are doing just that regardless of the

newspeak they try to use to convince you


Trust in well founded examples of good and evil,

good is kind, generous and empathatic to others

evil is cruel, greedy and uncaring, regardless

of what it says or what names it gives its


Choose good and know what is evil.

5) The enlightened person walks in today's

world very much alone, be brave and

walk enlightened in this world around you

because it's the Cool Hand Luke

thing to do.

Posted by: Ajax at July 24, 2006 08:43 PM


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