July 24, 2006

Unions and Israel: A letter from a rank-and-file unionist to CAW's President

by Joe Emersberger and Buzz Hargrove
July 23, 2006

To Buzz Hargrove (President of Canadian Auto Workers)
July 19, 2006
Israel has killed nearly 300 Lebanese civilians and displaced half a million. It has been given cart blanche by the international community - including Harper's government - to kill as many people as it likes.

The corporate media has sold people on the lie that the crisis originated with the capture of a single soldier by Hamas militants based in Gaza. As always, Israeli expansionism is ignored and it is depicted as acting in self defence..Israeli strikes killed scores of civilians in Gaza in the weeks prior to the capture of the Israeli soldier. The day before his capture Israel kidnapped two civilians from Gaza. Worse, since 2000 Israel has implemented a murderous siege on Gaza that has tripled malnutrition among children according to conservative sources such as the UN and the World bank. It is important to note that Israel's economic strangulation precedes both the election of Hamas and the so called "withdrawal" from the Gaza.

It is worth remembering that Israel funded Hamas during its early days to undermine the PLO. Israeli policy has consistently placed expansionism above security. Contrary to much fantasy that has not changed in recent years.

Please reconsider your stand on CUPE's call for economic sanctions against Israel. The labour movement should be taking action.

Joe Emersberger Local 1498




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