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Introduction: God is an Anarchist.

excerpts from a conversation between emmanuel25 (the author’s handle) and anonymous #424 initiated by anonymous #292. deoxy chatter day 10 : month 11 : year 2004 (chatter hosted by www.deoxy.org)

------------begin exerpt--------------

<#292> Monarchy is Gods' government. You see, God is a Monarchist. He is King of Kings in the Bible.
God, I would argue, is an Anarchist. He gives us free will, and does not punish us. For all shall pass through the kingdom of Heaven.
<#424> God gave us the LAW this isn't really anarchist
no he didnt 424. there is no law, in reality. your own limitations gives you rules and laws.
god is an anarchist for he loves you and trusts, and knows you are going to do the right thing.. if you obey yourself, that is good enough for him.. for he has made you in his own image.
god has no servants, nor devotees. those employed by the dark force mimic the authority of "God" who has nothing to do with authority over your will. the dark force would rather you not believe such a thing.
<#424> God is a nerdslut
you can serve god in many ways. but the foremost service to be done is thy will.
<#424> god is a currency
Power over others is a drag. I hate making decisions for others.
<#424> god is your emperor
<#424> god cleans the restrooms also, that was god is useful

----------end excerpt-----------

Imagine a world where no one questions your will, and no one feels they must change your mind or have you see something their way; where unending respect of your perception is granted, where people freely report to you their views, where you always do what you decide to do, and there are no bad choices. There are no real laws or rules to follow or obey, since everyone does the right thing. Everyone does what they want. Everyone gets what they want. Anything extra that you have, you share, including money. Nobody wants to hurt anyone, and therefore no one does. Another man’s loss becomes the loss of humanity, not another man’s gain. Socialism? Communism? Marxism? No, none of these.

Anarchism is the ideology I shall be discussing, and the one I have adopted in my own metaphysical epistemology of how the world really works. Many have argued that anarchism is "great in theory, but completely unrealistic in society." Another misconception about anarchy is that it allows for total chaos, unadulterated and random acts of violence, where everyone becomes primative, rapes, pillages, kills, destroys everything, etc. The arguments seem valid at first, but nothing could be further from human nature than its own self- destruction. Anarchism is truly a virtue of the future.

You may retort to this claim prematurely. You may argue that if we took away the courts, the lawyers, the jails, the police and the entire legislative system, you would think that violent crime would go up and employment would go down. You would think that you wouldn’t be safe. You might be afraid of your life. Well, that’s because you don’t know how to trust anybody! You can’t trust anyone, much less everyone. How would a government built on total trust and zero negative consequences be feasible, you ask.

You will begin to see, as you evolve (much of you at a very accelerated pace these days), that the problem isn’t that you can’t trust everyone because people do bad things. The problem, you will see, is that you haven’t learned how to trust everyone, and you probably never gave it a chance. Anarchy is God’s way of governing, you see. God is an Anarchist! God gives you an infinite amount of chances. God takes no action against your authority. He has given you free will, and wants you to obey your own will, even if it goes against his way, his truth and his light. He understands that you have your own way, your own truth, and your own light, and that you should follow that.

In this work I will attempt to show you that the virtue of anarchy exists as the most evolved system of society we have available to adopt, and that a transistion to anarchy is actually a natural progression that we are becoming more and more ready for. I will show you that anarchy is highly linked to the ideology of capitalism, and that capitalism and anarchy reinforce each other. It does not need to be imposed or forced, since it is a natural evolution of a species to change for survival. It is already a living philosophy, not a dream of make-believe. It is no longer a thought experiment, it has been achieved within the minds of men, and therefore can be spread through humanity with the tongues of heaven.

The success of this ideology as a social principle rests heavily upon one principle that many do not seem to comprehend, and that is the ability to trust. You must trust your will as good, and you must also trust everyone else’s will as good. That is a tall order to imagine, much less adopt, in the midst of our social chaos, confusion, violence, hate and warlike human economy of 2004. It is a tall order to simply accept the will of our political system as good, or the will of our military, or the will of our government in general. When you are ready, you will understand.

The furthest back I could find evidence of anarchistic ideology was a quote from Aristotle. Supposedly, he claimed that "The aim of all political action is good." You may be saying to yourself, "Did I miss something? Those politicians are bad! Screw them." And also, "How is this anarchist since anarchy calls for no government whatsoever?" Well, to be honest, you have a point. But what I see in Aristotle’s observation is a root of trust within the politican’s will that seems way ahead of his time.

Unlike other books and websites referring to anarchy in the title, you will not find any secrets on how to cheat the government, how to build explosives, how to manufacture stimulants, or anything like this. Anarchy truly has a bad rap in today’s culture, but this work is an attempt to save its lexical value. Therefore, you may want to disregard your previous exposure to the word before you devalue the content of my work.

It would make sense for me to simply assign a new word to the philosophy at hand, but I quite honestly couldn’t come up with anything. Words already available like "utopia" and "paradise" seem too cliché or relative to a physical place to be considered seriously. Anarchy is an ideology of mind and society, of which I will be addressing, not a physical location or a temporary autonomous zone.

The evolution of government from tribes to empires shall now be extended to companies and agencies. For in the future, government will be limited to public assistance, education, standards organizations, health and safety organizations that operate in a very capitalistic way. I see no need for any groups associated with world domination, mind-control, legislative organizations, judicial committees, and all law enforcement will simply lose power and die off from their inadequacies and obsolete philosophies. This of course, can only happen if you make the first move, and start to trust the power of the human will.

For I can not dictate the future from a vision. My visions are just possibilities. One man, no matter how powerful, can force evolution on anyone, moreover everyone. When we are ready, we will accept these things. Yet, the way things are going, there is cause to be very concerned about whether we will ever have a chance as humans to even see our next phase in evolution. It is quite possible that the total and absolute destruction of humanity will preceed our actualization of a true anarchist civilization. So, it is up to us what we decide to adopt in our daily lives, in our governments, our practices, our knowledge and our media.

Do not be afraid. We are either heading for total disaster, in which case we can find sanctuary in a cosmic heaven, or we are heading for divine evolution, in which case we can find bliss in our daily lives. The end result is the same, which is heaven. It is up to you to uphold the concept of freedom in your everyday life. If you try and fail, try again. Do not surrender. Do not submit your will or your rights, especially in the name of security.

God is not on your "side." In every war, God is on both sides. He’s on all of our sides. He is every side.

God is you, and you seem to have forgotten that.

-Emmanuel Allah
November 10th, 2004

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