July 18, 2006

Chronicle of global resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit!

July 14, 2006 was a Global Day of Action against the G8. July 15, 2006 was an International Day of Action for Climate Justice, and against Climate Change and the G8. Below is a partial list of anti-G8 actions that happened on these days around the world, and on other days in St. Petersburg and elsewhere during the past week. A number of actions against climate change (including many Critical Mass bike rides) also occurred on July 14. We continue to receive information about additional actions -- stay tuned to www.rtc.revolt.org and int.ru.indymedia.org for updates! Contact g8@risingtidenorthamerica.org if you have an action to report!

URGENT! - Actions are now being organized in solidarity with activists in St. Petersburg, Russia who have been arrested, assaulted and repressed by the Russian police state. As the summit opened, demonstrations in the city were either outlawed, stopped by the police, or broken up by force. More than 200 people had already been imprisoned before the G8 Summit, some accused of "terrorism," to prevent them taking part in possible demonstrations.Yesterday (Sunday July 16) around 50 people were arrested. More than 30 people were arrested at the blockade of a hotel in St. Petersburg used by participants in the G8 Summit. Police attacked and arrested journalists before turning on the protesters. 12 activists were also arrested during a weekly anti-war picket, and 6 Belorussian activists were arrested and physically abused by police for organising a press conference. Protest against this police violence and repression! Organize solidarity demonstrations at the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate! International Solidarity demonstrations have been called this week in London, UK; Strasbourg, France; and Berlin, Germany.( For more information: UK Indymedia and int.ru.indymedia.org)


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