July 16, 2006

Massacres Will Keep Happening as Long as Israeli Actions are Unchecked

These photos were sent to Angry Arab by the editor of the Lebanese newspaper Al Safir. This is due to concern that few in the West will see them. angryarab.blogspot.com

The photos show collective punishment against Lebanon in reaction to the kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers. This is the same form of collective punishment seen in the air war and invasion of Gaza, Palestine, in retaliation for the kidnapping of another soldier there. These types of actions are clear violations of the Geneva Conventions.
I have just received these pictures from Hanady Salman, an editor at As-Safir, with this message:

"Dear friends and colleagues ,
You will all have to excuse me for sending this. It's pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the israelis in South lebanon. They are all burnt. I need your help. I am almost certain these pictures won't be published in the West, although they are associated press pictures. I need your help exposing them if you can. The problem is these are people who were asked to leave their village , Ter Hafra , this morning , within two hours , or else. ... So those who were able to flee went to the closer UN base where they were asked to leave. I think that after the Qana massacres in 1996 when civilians were bombed after they took chelter in UN headquarters , the UN does not want to be responssible for the lives of civilians.A FEW MINUTES AGO , the Israeli asked the people of Al Bustan village in the south to evacuate their homes. I am afraid massacares will keep happening as long as Israeli actions are uncheked. Please help us if you can - Hanady Salman"


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