July 29, 2006

Canada, Ottawa, ANARCHIST DISCUSSION: Work and Power - Aug 6

Date/Time/Location == Sunday, Aug 6/2006 @ 1:30pm

Jack Purcell Community Centre (near Elgin and Gilmour)

Description == Under the capitalist system, people have varying amounts of power
based on their role in the economy. A tiny minority (i.e. the capitalist class)
controls most of the wealth and power while the majority of people (the working class)are forced to sell their labour in order to survive. Many in the working class who are unable or unwilling to work are marginalized and live in dire poverty. This class hierarchy is not only present in the workplace, it plays out everywhere in our society.

We will also explore the how class domination and other forms of oppression such as sexism and racism interact.

The Anarchist Discussion Group meets every second Sunday afternoon. We are
local Ottawa activists and community members who share an anti-authoritarian
and anti-capitalist viewpoint. We are involved in diverse struggles and
believe in the importance of maintaining a link between theory and practice.
Discussions are based on readings, presentations or short films. If there
are readings, they are optional and will be summarized at the beginning of
the discussion. Printouts of readings are available from OPIRG at U of O.

All are welcome. Accessible! Child-friendly!

Contact a_ottawa@mutualaid.org for more information.


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