March 17, 2006

The Anarchist Library Goes to Court

The Anarchist Library has found itself once again in deep shit. Tomorrow the Anarchist Library, as consequence for fliers found adhered to certain lamp posts in the Mission District of San Francisco, will be going to court to fight fines mounting to a total of $2400, so far. Just today we recieved more citations so more is to be expected.

The citations were issued by the SF Green Patrol, an offshoot of DPW, that makes sure that the Mission district stays clean of anarchist propaganda and other things the city deems as a deterrent to gentrification. The fliers that were found posted were advertisements for anarchist classes being held at CCSF.

Classes were sponsored by the Anarchist Library, a student club that maintains an anarchist infoshop at CCSF. Fliers were distributed to anybody willing to help post them around the city.

We were unable to post them at CCSF because the classes weren't completely approved to take place. In an effort to get the word out but still keep it under wraps on campus, we hit another hurdle and in turn blew our cover. Fortunately the administration on campus has other things to do rather than waste our time penalizing us for breaking rules. Still we are left with a minor legal battle which is repulsive at best.


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