March 17, 2006

Call for an Anarchist Contingent in Hollywood, March 18

March 18, Call for an Anarchist Contingent in Hollywood

12 noon, Hollywood and Vine

Across the globe the United States colonial machine has raped innumerable lands and cultures to pursue its ever-expanding imperialist policies. Displaced people flee their lands in search of better lives in the first world, but upon arrival find themselves once again trapped under the system that on one front, bombs lands and murders the innocent, and on another economically enslaves billions of us, while we are forced to bow to our landlords, bosses, and politicians.

As we ascend upon three years of occupation in Iraq, it becomes more evident to all Americans that not only have we been manipulated into war, but that our entire social structure is failing, and it is time for an international movement to rise up and begin to build a new world, whilst struggling against the old.

March 18th, 2006 we call on all those who oppose war, capitalism and the state to join us in a revolutionary anarchist contingent. We will march arm-in-arm and in solidarity with the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC), an organization made up of young people directly affected by California’s prison industrial complex. The California Youth Authority and the greater Prison Industrial Complex are just constant reminders of the war on the poor that the state wages on us each and every day, and we believe it is crucial to march with the YJC and their families who are some of the first casualties of this war on the poor. We welcome all families, students, and workers as well as all those interested in learning more about anarchism to march with us. Look for the red and black flags, and join us!

This March 18th demonstration, we wish to take an otherwise passive protest, and make it into a participatory event, with varying actions people can engage in. We will be involved in the following,

-Contingent against Imperialist War, Capitalism, and Authoritarianism, in all forms.

-The Anti War Strategizing Discussion. We believe it is crucial to strategize and graph the possibilities of resistance living under what is becoming more and more of a fascistic state.

-Literature distribution. We can no longer rely on conventional methods of organizing or education, and must promote alternatives to the corporate and state’s monopoly on education and propaganda.

-Other activities for all those attending the demonstration.

What to Bring: Banners, Flags, Anti Authoritarian Literature, Water, and Everyone you know.

Note: This is a call for a non-black bloc anarchist contingent for the March 18th ANSWER demonstration in Hollywood. We do not wish to be a confrontational element at this march, for we do not believe that our regional movement has reached the point where we can be successful in that arena. Our goal at this march is to be educational and accessible. As anarchists we recognize that we cannot directly change the mechanisms of our current system through legal permitted marches alone, but we do believe that our presence at such marches are a vital way of recruiting, educating, and networking with others that may share similar values. This, in turn, will help us grow to the critical point in which we can be effective in forms of protest that go beyond the legal boundaries outlined by the state. We must think tactically and act accordingly.

From the war abroad to the war at home, social injustice is all around us. It is time to build great walls of resistance and STOP THIS WAR.


CALL: Anti War Strategizing Discussion 3/18/06 IN THE STREETS

March 18, after the march against the war in Hollywood, meet afterwards to plan, discuss, and strategize to end the war.

-What: Open Discussion MARCH 18 AFTER THE MARCH on Resisting the War Abroad, and the War at Home. The time has come for our organizing to take on new approaches. We must come up with solid, concrete strategies that will be the monkeywrench to this war machine.

-Who: Anyone tired of the current disempowering, reformist methods of protest. It is time for a truly inclusive and powerful movement to resist the war that is being waged on people all over the world.

-When & Where: Meet after the ANSWER demonstration, March 18 in Hollywood, near the stage, look for the red and black flags. Bring your ideas, experiences and an open mind.

-Why: The reasons are obvious, at this point, the anti-war movement is not moving forward or progressing. We must take a critical look at our methods of organizing and decide where we need to move from here, if we truly want to end the war. From our campuses to our communities, this time is now for us all to organize!

From the War on Iraq to the War on the Poor, We will organize, and we will Resist!

Call initiated by members of the Southern California Anarchist Federation


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