October 04, 2006

Top 20 polluting nations meet in Monterrey, Mexico

For the past couple months, the exact location of the G8+5 Climate Summit in Mexico was unknown to Rising Tide North America organizers. Early sources said Mexico City, but this proved impossible to confirm. We now know that the G8+5 climate meeting is happening in Monterrery, hundreds of miles away from the Alternative Climate Justice Dialogue and Convergence that we initiated and organized in Mexico City. We suspect that the G8+5 meeting was moved away from Mexico's capitol in order to avoid the sting of popular dissent, not just from us climate activists but more critically from the massive movements for democracy and justice that have convulsed Mexico in recent months and converged in Mexico City. To confront the G8+5 climate meeting, we invite people globally to join us and participate in a Red Alert Virtual Strike against the G8+5 and Mexican government websites!


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