October 15, 2006

Struggle against Shell in Rossport moves into high gear

by Joe Black - WSM
Saturday, Oct 14 2006, 10:01am

Occupation of Shell HQ in Dublin
Occupation of Shell HQ in Dublin


Over the last two weeks on an isolated corner of the the Atlantic coast of Ireland a protracted struggle has taken place between the loca community of Rossport and the Shell and Statoil corporations backed up by the Irish state on the other. The article lists some of the coverage Irish anarchists have produced of this struggle. I'd appeal to anarchist elsewhere to consider acting in solidarity with this struggle - in particular by picketing Shell or Statoil filling stations and depots. Anarchists in a number of cities in Britain have been doing this over the past week. Please post reports of any actions to this thread and to indymedia.ie

Locals prevent shell resuming work on Corrib pipeline at Rossport
An audio interview with a member of the Workers Solidarity Movement who is at the Rossport Solidarity Camp and has been joining the pickets

Recent articles from the WSM press in connection with Rossport

Rossport - Go west (and make Shell go offshore)

Privatisation – the rip-off of public resources

Spinning Democracy - Rossport and elsewhere

Report of Rossport Solidarity Camp weekend

Rossport Solidarity Camp Reopens

Online personal reports from WSM members

Report From Rossport August Bank Holiday Weekend

Shell Hath No Fury Like A People Scorned

Video shot at the blockade in Rossport with lots of footage and interviews with locals

View video on youtube:

This video shot in Rossport in June features locals explaining the issues and a Bolivian energy activist on the struggle in Bolivia

Dublin members of the WSM took part in the occupation of the Shell HQ luncthtime Wedensday. Revoltvideo have put a video of this on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ViSXMsrNhQ


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