October 14, 2006

The Bronx Says No To War

*** Forward Widely ***

SDS New York members are invited to participate in the full
day of events in the Bronx tomorrow, October 14, organized
by a local peace and justice group. A number of organizations
are participating: Granny Peace Brigade, War Resisters League,
Veterans for Peace, etc.

The activities begin at 10 am and run until 5 pm at the Fordham
Road Recruiting Center (corner of Fordham Road and Grand
Concourse). Events includes a vigil, speakers, reading the names of
the dead, music, food, interactive things for kids to do, possibly
a CD - bring signs, literature & food, etc...

SDS will be tabling.


10 am Gather at Fordham Plaza for a funeral procession up to
the recruitment center.
11 am Speakers and spoken word poetry
12 pm Vigil for the American dead and a reading of their names
3 pm Speakers and music
4 pm Vigil to honor the Iraqi dead

Directions: D or 4 trains to "Fordham Road" stop; or Metro North
to "Fordham" stop & get off at Fordham Plaza, walk west on
Fordham Road for 1/2 mile.

SDS/MDS: bring signs, flags and banners! See you there.
For more information, call 347.524.5631


Thomas Good, Organizer
SDS New York City
NYC War Resisters League
IWW x358303 / IU 560



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