October 04, 2006

Anti-aboriginal rights rally could be deadly for Six Nations

Canada will not halt an anti-aboriginal land rights rally near Caledonia, even though it could result in violence or bloodshed on Oct. 15.

Reflecting the same government-sponsored terror that led to violence and deaths
by police and milita in the southern United States during the era of Civil Rights, the government
of Canada has given the green light to a rally against aboriginals at Kanenhstaton.

A couple near Toronto, operating under the facade of "Caledonia Wake Up
Call" is agitating for a rally on October 15 to be held on the land site
recently recovered by the people of Six Nations, to assert some
unfounded colonial claim of 'public property' to this indigenous land.
This arrogant act, invading without permission the lands of another
nation/group/community, will only increase the likelihood of violence,
perhaps deaths. How much is a life worth these days?

The land in question, Kanenhstaton, [commonly called Douglas Estates
land development near Caledonia] is NOT property of Ontario.

It is land belonging to Six Nations. It was being developed by Henco, a
USA corporation before the people stopped this. On July 5, 2006,
Ontario bought back the tainted title from Henco. That does not mean
Ontario now owns the land, but merely that they reimbursed Henco for any
interests they MAY have had. It is merely a colonial Canadian
bookkeeping procedure to reimburse [reward] Henco for its troubles,
caused by the government issuing a tainted, fraudulent title to begin with.

Henco did not have true title -- that is the point of the land recovery
action -- and whatever papers they signed with Ontario can't convey to
Ontario that which they did not have. Ontario holds nothing more than a
worthless quit claim deed, necessary perhaps for Ontario to handle its
budget, business finances and bookkeeping, but irrelevant to the actual,
original land rights still held by the clan women of Six Nations.

Therefore, Ontario has no rights to allow any 'rally' on Six Nations
land. They DO have a responsibility to tell their people that it is NOT
public land, NOT free for all to use. That will result in a 'free for
all' incident for sure. Ontario has a responsibility to control the
actions of its citizens and prevent any invasions into the territory of
Six Nations and any violence against Six Nations people.

If non-tribal-members wish to use Kanenhstaton [commonly called Douglas
Estates development site by some], they MUST ask the people of Six
Nations first. It is Six Nations land and THEY must be asked for
permission. Ontario has no right to grant permits for any rally on Six
Nations land nor do they have the right to deceive their people into
thinking it is public property owned by Ontario, free for all to use.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Ramsay said his department
is not going to stop a controversial rally on land currently occupied by
Six Nations protesters in Caledonia, Ont.

Ramsay said all sides in the ongoing aboriginal standoff have agreed to
a 30-metre “no-go” zone, which will be patrolled by the provincial
police and will separate residents from the protesters occupying the
former housing development site.
200 years ago.


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dear crazy... I'm finding out more and more about native culture every day. For instance, did you know online gaming like Internet Poker is covered under the Great Law of Peace?

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Replied here

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