September 12, 2006

~Save One Blogger, Save Them All~ Wolf Appeal Denied

A Federal Appeals Court today ruled that Josh Wolf had to turn over what is quickly becoming the hottest video since the Paris Hilton sex-tape or else go back to prison. The three-person court ruled unanimously that Wolf had to turn over the tape because there were no grounds for resisting the subpoena. The reason? "He simply videotaped what people did in a public place," the judges wrote.
"Wolf does not claim that he filmed anything confidential nor that he promised anyone anonymity or confidentiality. Therefore, this case does not raise the usual concerns in cases involving journalists."
Wolf, however, disagreed and said that if he were to hand over the video tape, he'd basically be nothing more than a government stoolie and that it would "have a chilling effect on myself, gaining access and trust with contacts, and have chilling effect on journalists in general, knowing their information can be subpoenaed at any moment." Wolf's lawyers are going to appeal the decision, maybe even possibly taking it to the Supreme Court. Wolf meanwhile, is looking at another visit to prison where if things continue the way they are, he'll be playing craps in his prison cell with Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams and trying to talk Judith Miller into baking him a cake.


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