September 09, 2006

Northern California: Weekend of RAAN events at Free Mind Media

Defining The Red & Anarchist Action Network
Time: Saturday, Sept 9th, 6pm
Where?: Free Mind Media Infospace, 546 Pacific Ave., Santa Rosa

Since late 2002, the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) has been constructing an alternative model of revolutionary (dis)organization that has united anti-authoritarians from deep ecologists to anti-state Marxists in a horizontal network consisting entirely of autonomous affiliated action. In recent months RAAN has begun paying more attention to the need to perpetually rearticulate and discuss the organizational hypotheses being proposed, as we strongly feel them to be unique in our movement.

We believe that the conditions we find ourselves in are more than ripe for the emergence of a completely grassroots revolutionary union based solely on mutual aid, respect, diversity of tactics, and a no-bullshit culture that prides praxis over ideology. There is the potential of a RAAN-affiliated presence organizing itself in the Bay Area, and this is our chance to make this process as transparent, autonomous, and locally-relevant as possible. This workshop will be arranged as an informal discussion covering a series of interpretations of the network's experience, but also geared towards addressing people's individual concerns and interests, and proposing RAAN as a context for that discussion.


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