September 14, 2006

Call-Out: PGA Global Blog

Dear friends of the PGA network,
In this critical time of reviving global PGA communication and solidarity,
the PGA Communications group (formed after the consultational meeting in
India, Oct. 2005) thought about creating a blog space for open and on-going
discussion of projects, ideas, and collaborative efforts.

Thanks to friends at, we now have a 'PGA' category page,
as well as a blog for the PGA communications group.
Here they are:

Global 'PGA' category page at ->
PGA Communications group blog at ->

How they work:

* Global 'PGA' category page (
Anyone can make a new posting about their own projects or make a comment
related to the content already there and it will appear on
the Global PGA category page. They just need to create their own account and
select the 'PGA' category for the blog post. This allows for multiple users
to sign on with their own login&password and be part of the discussion.

* Global PGA Communications blog (
This is a blog page for the AGP Comm group that can be accessed only through
a single agpcomm login&password. Only those blog posts with the category
'PGA' will also be posted on the category page. This way, the agpcomm group
can blog about the development of projects on the blog page, without
everything going to the PGA category page.

Currently, the 'PGA category' page features:

- the PGA European regional conference,

- the PGA Global Envoy/Newspaper preparation,
with collaboration on,
a site archiving the Global Justice Movement,

- the PGA cultural capsule and mapping project,

- the 'What is PGA?' package preparation, and

- the PGA Asian Caravan proposal.

We hope you will expand this page with any PGA-relevant projects and
announcements, as well as post links to your own PGA-inspired sites and
activities. If you would like to participate in any of the mentioned
projects, or add your ideas, please post a comment at the end of the
particular posting. Once we have a cascade of comments, we can set-up a PGA
global chat for immediate dialogue.

If you have any trouble, direct your questions to me:
-> alisa(at)

'We choose to take a stand,
instead of an order,
and we reach out our hands
beyond the border.' (RuthKHenry)


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