September 22, 2006

Call for Stencil Designs and Graffiti Art

The forthcoming fourth issue of our magazine Rolling Thunder will feature a gallery of graffiti photographs and stencil designs ready to cut out and apply. If you have photos of exciting graffiti or stencil designs you would like to share with the world, please email us at or mail them to us at Rolling Thunder, P.O. Box 2133, Greensboro, NC 27402. We need the images to be high-resolution—contact us if you have questions about format. Please do make an effort to help us with this if you’re so inclined—vandalism needs you!
For those not yet familiar with Rolling Thunder, it is a biannual anarchist journal focusing on direct action and the cultures of resistance that nourish it. The third issue has just been published; some of its contents include...

...International reports from last Mayday’s pro-immigrant rallies!
...Analysis of the Bush regime’s strategy to promote terrorism worldwide!
...Discussion of the latest wave of federal repression!
...Testimony from a convicted anti-war arsonist!
...Anarchist perspectives on and reports from the struggle against domestic violence!
...A tell-all interview with notorious graffiti artist(s) BORF!
...A shocking exposé on German pro-Zionist lunatics!
...A how-to guide to funneling resources out of universities!
...A spy’s-eye-view of immigrant labor in factory farming!
...A narrow escape from the flaming Pentagon on September 11, 2001!
...A history of direct action and rioting in queer liberation struggles!
...A cartoon recounting the riots at the canceled World Bank conference in Barcelona!
...A mad-lib for radicals with poor social skills!
...A satirical guide to writing reviews!
...Visionary storytelling, technical advice on computer security, eulogies and poster designs and more, more, more!

More information about the magazine is available at


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