September 21, 2006

Anarchist Cookbook Free Ebook Download

The Anarchist Cookbook is being BANNED!!

Following the recent terrorist activities, new laws are in progress to ban the information contained in the download and our CD-ROM. This is against all the freedom of speech that we have had for so long, but we will abide with the law and bring the cookbook (as we know it) to an end.

This is NOT the end of this site - we have been here for nearly seven years now and are here to stay. All revenues received will ensure that this site is available for all for the future and we will fight for ours and your rights

However before we are forced to end the cookbook we have launched a Special Limited Edition Anarchist Cookbook that contains all the files and information that we have gathered over the years and have not released until now for fear of being closed down.

The CD-ROM is a two CD set and is strictly limited to 2000 copies. That means if everyone that visited this site bought a copy, we would sell out in the second day!! This is your chance to own a piece of history before its gone.


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