May 26, 2006


As part of the Memorial Day weekend of action being organized by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network, on Saturday, May 27th, the Broward Anti-War Coalition and others will be gathering outside the National Guard Armory Center on State Road-84 to protest the increased militarization of the U.S./Mexico Border, the rising tide of racist anti-immigrant hysteria, the creation of a permanent "separation wall" along the border (consciously modeled after the illegal Apartheid Wall erected by the Israeli government), and the building of massive detention centers and repressive police apparatuses ready to turn back or shoot civilians attempting to flee the neoliberal economic policies and authoritarian regimes imposed upon them by the United States.

The Bush administration is promising to fulfill the Minutemen's plans for turning the border into a quasi-military zone occupied by 6,000 National Guard troops. As the U.S. ruling elite is facing increased skepticism and declining support from the American people for its illegal, unpopular military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are turning to racism and fear-mongering in order to create a situation of "divide and rule", turning the American working class against each other and scapegoating the most vulnerable segments of our society in the process.

It is imperative that we stand with ou iinternational brothers and sisters as we call for real, meaningful globalization: complete freedom of movement for all people -whether "documented" or "undocumented", and end to the criminalization of immigrant communities, and the destruction of all artifical barriers created by nation-states that divide people against each other.

We will be meeting at the National Guard Armory Center (located on SR-84) at 1pm. People are encouraged to bring their own signs, banners, drums,
bullhorns, etc. The point is to make a ruckus!

For more information or for directions, contact the Improvised Action
Collective at or call (954) 592-6330.


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