May 25, 2006

“Arlington West Memorial Ride”

by Dr. Rebecca Epstein
Designated to honor those who’ve died in military service, Memorial Day also bears the more jovial distinction of being the unofficial start of summer, with all the socializing and outdoor activity that season implies. This Sunday, an invigorating combination of the two will occur with the “Arlington West Memorial Ride,” a rolling demonstration against the Iraq war in which bicyclists will travel from Pasadena to the Arlington West Memorial, set up near Santa Monica Pier every Sunday by Veterans for Peace.
“It’s healthy, it’s sustainable … it’s a party on wheels,” enthuses Bolog. You’ll travel slowly, only 7 to 12 mph, and be in one large group, where the vibe isn’t at all competitive. “You’re guaranteed to make new friends. It’s hard not to,” he says. Bolog, an anarchist, also sees group cycles as part of his efforts toward civil consideration – not, as some might think, civil disobedience. “After all,” he says, “if we’re going to have a system without a government, we’re going to have to have a lot of love to make it work.”


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