May 23, 2006

Aboriginal protesters put up barricade again

Aboriginal protesters in Caledonia, Ont. dismantled a blockade on the town's main road Sunday, then put it back up again after a confrontation with local non-natives.

The native protestors had removed the blockade on Argyle Street early Monday morning as a Victoria Day gesture of goodwill to help with talks to end the dispute. But, non-natives then blocked the road and tempers on both sides flared.

The natives are angry over the development of land they claim was taken from them around the 1840s, and have occupied the construction site since Feb. 28. They created the blockade on April 20, after police failed to raid the area of the occupation.

Ontario Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Ramsay said Friday that construction on the disputed 40-hectare plot would remain on hold.

Caledonia is about 14 kilometres southwest of Hamilton and is very close to the Six Nations reserve.


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Hi, how ya doing? I was just posting about this situation too. I find your blog topics very compelling and thoughtful. Nice to "meet" you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006  

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