March 07, 2006

"The Sick Planet" by Guy Debord

"Revolution or death": this slogan is no longer the lyrical expression of the consciousness that revolts; it is the last word of the scientific thought of our century. It applies to the perils facing the species as well as to the impossibility of the belonging [adhesion] of individuals. In this society, in which (as one knows) suicide progresses [rapidly], specialists must recognize with a certain resentment that they were reduced [retombe] to almost nothing in May 1968. Without precisely showing it during the assault, this spring has also obtained a beautiful sky, because several cars were burned and all of the others lacked the gasoline [necessary] to pollute. When it rains, when there are false clouds over Paris, never forget the fact that it is the fault of the State. Alienated industrial production causes rain. Revolution makes for beautiful weather.


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