March 27, 2006

There Is Blood On Our Hands
A Call to Action

"We the People" must accept the responsibility for the killing of innocent civilians. Our tax dollars are used to fund the illegal war in Iraq and we must now act, collectively, to put an end to this.

We ask:

*all citizens of good conscience join in solidarity for ongoing demonstration against the murder of innocent civilians and US military persons beginning April 15th, 2006, coinciding with the deadline of federal tax returns which fund this war of aggression fought in our name.
*you symbolically color or clothe your hands in red in ongoing protest.
*you create a presence in your community and at the offices of your local, state, and federal representatives.
*you bring this protest to the White House and Capitol Hill.


*to offer a mode of expression for the universal disdain of this ‘War of Aggression’ against the sovereign nation of Iraq.
*to protest the blood spilled in our name.
*to demand an end to the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan and an orderly withdrawal of U.S. armed forces.
*to remind “We the people” what our tax dollars are being spent on in violation of domestic and international law and counter to public support.
*to uphold our responsibility as concerned citizens.
*to make clear that 'We the People,' of the democratic republic of the United States of America, demand accountability from our Representatives, the Judiciary, and the Executive branch and that they uphold their oath to the Constitution.
*that the foreign policy of the United States be transformed to one of diplomacy towards peace and reconciliation.

On this website you can register and post your local events and actions. This website can also be used to organize events, be they local, statewide, or national.


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