March 25, 2006

Belarussian indymedia activists call for solidarity!

According to Belarussian indymedia activists in Minsk, last night (24 March, 2006) at 3:30 AM, OMON moved to destroy the tent camp that had been put up in the city center to protest fraud in the Belarussian elections. 30-40 tents were trashed and around 500 people arrested. Among the destroyed tents was a Belarussian Indymedia tent, and among the arrested there were many radical activists, such as members of the anarcho-punk band Deviation (singer Stas Pochyobut) and editors of the banned satirical anarchist paper Navinki. Those arrested were heavily brutalized. As all the police stations in the city are full, the people arrested in the October Square were taken to unknown destinations outside the city limits, one of them said to be the town of Zhodino. Their exact location, condition and charges pressed against them are currently unknown. Indymedia activists estimate that several thousand people have been detained during the last 10 days throughout Belarus.

Belarussian activists also ask for any kind of solidarity actions at Belarussian embassies [1] [2] around the world!

Follow for updates and video footage coming up.


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