September 03, 2006

International anarchist meeting in Helsinki 8th -10th of September

Announcement about an upcoming anarchist meeting in Finland.
International anarchist meeting in Helsinki 8th -10th of September

Participation to any events requires a prior registration by e-mail. Changes
to program are very likely.

We attempt to organise a home accomodation for any guests, but they will be given in an order of registration, with a quota for guests from abroad. Free accomodation will be provided also for those for whom there is no space in home accomodation, but this will be in a squat so it is of little comfort and with a risk factor. If someone is more interested of hostels, we may look for them but they are also not hard to find from internet on your own.

Meeting is alcohol- and drugfree. Food will be available in event with affordable price.

Propositions for new discussions and workshops are welcome, we will try to arrange spaces for them.

in order to register, to ask more information or to propose a workshop, write to anarkistinentoiminta AT

Friday 8th of September
6 - 9 PM
-Street medics training
-Feminist self-defence

9 PM
-Opening event and information on Saturday's action

Saturday 9th of September
11AM - 1 PM
-Discussion on relation of anarchism to private property
-Reports on activities in different cities and countries
-Movie screening "A year of sisterhood" - feminist actions in Stockholm
2003-2004. 40 minutes excerpt in Swedish, English subtitres.
-Fuck your gender! An introduction to inappropriate behaviour

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
-Anarchist take on ASEM and international economic system
-Movie screening "Refusing to be silent" on persecution of animal rights
activists in USA. SHAC 7 defendants may face years of prison for
speaking against Huntington Life Sciences corporation involved in animal
testing. In English, hopefully with Finnish subtitres.

3:30 Lunch

17:45 Smash ASEM - demonstration from Kiasma square. Black bloc feat. Asa.
Check out

Sunday 10th of September
Planning of future actions


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