August 28, 2006

The N.W.O. In Words & Pictures

Hello! My name is George Bush. I'm a republican. I am a member of the secret
society Skull and Bones. I'm into rigged voting, Martial law and torture, as
well as disarming the US Citizens. Remember, the state is YOUR God! Worship
the state. I'm off to play with Jeff Gannon.

Hello! My name is John Kerry. I'm a democrat. COMPLETELY different to George
Bush. BUT, I am also a member of the secret society, Skull and Bones. Sure,
its deeply satanic, but no one cares. Go and watch TV and remember to support
my good friend, George Bush!

Hello, I am the puppeteer, I control both the Republicans AND the Democrats.
They are two sides of the same coin. I like to play mind games, and leave
symbols everywhere. Such as the Pyramid, The all Seeing eye and the Moloch
owl. Why don't you take a look at the Dollar Bill and see it there.

Here is my Walt Disney signature (which by the way was created for me, I had
to master it) can you notice the hidden 666 in there (look at the loops!)

Hello, Tony here. I often go to secret meetings with such people as the
Rothschilds and Bilderbergs. I am here to make the UK a policed state, to STOP
public enquiries into the 07/07 London Bombings (333 days before 06/06/06) and
to make the European Union a massive super state as we step into the New World
Order. I'm a 33rd degree Freemason, a secret society which worships the Moloch
and is Satanic.

Hiya, My name is David Cameron, I am in complete opposition to Tony Blair,
YET, we both agree on the same policies. Lets make this a policed state. My
symbol is of course, THE PYRAMID! Yes, I am also related, directly, to the
Queen. Where are you Ma'am?

Bow before me, I am the Queen of England and the GRAND MASTER OF FREEMASONRY.
My family stems from Germany but just before the MANIPULATED WAR against
Germany in 1914, we changed our name to WINDSOR just to make sure you idiots
did not twig onto the fact that we are screwing you over.

Hail Hitler! I am Adolf. I am into military dictatorship, the centralization
of power and concentration camps. I spent 2 years in England up to 1912 being
indoctrinated by the British powers (as my sister wrote in her book) I took
weapons away German citizens in a Tyrannal DICTATORSHIP. Do you wonder why
there were THOUSANDS of reports of NAZI U-Boats spotted after the Second World
War?? Its because we have bases in Norway and Antarctic, hence the interest in
the Falklands. Now go and conquer in the name of the mother land, SCHNELL!

Greetings from the motherland. I am Stalin. I am the opposite to Adolf Hitler.
I am into military dictatorship, the centralization of power and concentration
camps. Just like Adolf. But we tell you we are different, so you will fight in
wars for us. I have been called Hitler's twin tyrant. I too studied in England
in 1907 where I was indoctrinated by British intelligence agencies. I helped
kill millions.

Howdy there, I am the deeply Satanic Mr Walt Disney! I like to rape children,
and I am part of a group of the elites who are indoctrinating children with
sexual images and satanic symbols in our kiddies films.

Here are some examples...............

This is my friend Mr Tumnus from the smash hit The Land or Narnia, the lion
the witch and the wardrobe. He is a child molester and like the Satanic God
Pan, he not only LOOKS the same, he uses a flute.

Here is my friend Pan, the Satanic God of Sex. Worship him children! Lets take
a look at one of the great cartoons, The Little Mermaid! Did you notice the
male sex organ on the cover??

Still not see it? Lets zoom in!

Can you see it now? Great! You know Disney
land, hundreds of thousands of children go missing from there each year. So,
bring the family! Oh, and just in case you think it was a one off, or it
wasn't a penis, here are some boobs in another one of my films (blanked out
for this presentation).

Hey there! I am a form of Media, which you
get your information and news from. I am COMPLETELY IMPARTIAL. I tell you what
to think, what is real, what is going on and I take the official government
version of events and tell you its true! And you believe it, because this is
real, right? I am on your TV, on your Radio, you see me when you log on line.
I am the opinion for you to take and think it is your own. Very rarely do we
do any actual investigating, and we make a lot of stuff up. We want you to be
interested in celebrities, in sex scandals, in beer. We do not want you
thinking for yourself! That would not help, so we keep you dumb and keep you
down. Read me, believe me. Watch TV, sleep,


Good afternoon, I am a doctor working for
the massive multi billion dollar industry known as Medicine, which in reality
as a Medical Mafia of Drugs. I am a parrot to the system, repeating what is
told to me. I administrate vaccinations, recommend them even, to your
children, and to you. These vaccinations are made with aborted human foetuses,
contain aluminium, mercury amongst other things. Vaccinations don't work, but
you need to think they do. Please tell people to get vaccinated and to consume
all these drugs that us Doctors dish out. Alternate medicines, please ignore
them. We need you to buy into our crap so that we can continue to make
billions from you, our slave race. Although there is no scientific evidence
linking HIV (a passenger virus) with AIDs, is it possible that we were wrong
when we equated HIV with AIDS? While any scientific discussion should allow
such a challenge, others have tried to silence Dr. Dues berg who ten years ago
was alone in his research. AIDS research continues to be driven by the
hypothesis that HIV is the cause, with virtually all our medical and
scientific resources invested in this hypothesis. Does HIV cause Aids? The
scientific proof is lacking. According to Dr. Thomas, proponents of the
HIV-AIDS connection have yet to offer any "genuine scientific proof" that the
virus causes AIDS. "Any time scientists propose that a micro organism causes a
disease, it's incumbent upon them to come up with the proof that it does. So
far they nave failed to supply that proof," he says.


Welcome, I am McDonalds. I help kill of rain forests and destroy towns. I help
feed you and your family food for low prices, and guess what, this food helps
to KILL YOU AND CAUSE CANCER! As well as making you obese, causing illness and
stopping brain functions. In a recent survey the ice in our stores was less
hygienic than our toilet water. How great is that?! I bet you have all watched
Super Size me, where a man eats McDonalds for a month and his liver starts to
pack in and he feels constantly ill. And I bet you STILL CONTINUE TO EAT MY
FOOD AND HELP TO KILL YOURSELF! It is great! 0.99p for a burger AND Justin
Timberlake promotes it. And hes a celeb, worship him. Oh, and if you flip my
nice little logo on its side, you get a good old Number 13. Just a
coincidence, nothing to worry about.

Hey, I am World Trade Centre NUMBER 7, being demolished just a few hours after
the September 11th Attacks. I am the BIGGEST Smoking Gun you could possibly
imagine as to 9/11 being an inside job performed by those who run the country
yet A LOT of you DO NOT EVEN KNOW I WAS DEMOLISHED! How shocking. My remains
were immediately destroyed so no investigation could be made into what REALLY
happened. There is so much evidence to prove that I was detonated to fall
along with Towers 1 and 2, and that it was an inside job, but PLEASE, IGNORE
it! Continue to be a zombie state so martial law can take over and the New
World Order can dictate everything to you.

YEEEHAAAWW! I am a soldier, carrying out work for the New World Order. I react
to orders, do not think for myself and even if I did, I get
beaten/killed/jailed by my fellow soldiers. I support torture, such as raping
peoples children in front of them to make them confess to things they did not
do, getting big nasty dogs to bite people, hurting people in ways unimaginable
and I enjoy doing it. Fear me, as I will not hesitate to kill your children.
You may have seen me on the news killing children, and innocents, destroying
everything in my path. But you ignore it, you go and consume, you go eat your
McDonalds and watch your TV. Good for you!!

Hey there brothers! Don't listen to this
bull, what we need is to invade more countries and kill more innocent people.
We need the police to take away our liberties, our freedoms and we need to be
dictated too! Come on now, if we find anyone different, lets call them names,
bully them, even kill them! You could compare me to a sheep!

We're like a herd, but with one MUCH BETTER FACTOR! WE HAVE REMOVED THE SHEEP
DOG AND WE POLICE OURSELVES! Now fall back in line, watch your TV, eat your
aspartame products, get obese, be a slave to the system. Woohoo!


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