March 14, 2006

Call for an Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Information Bloc at the March 18th, anti-war march.

The United States government has waged war on Iraq for three years now, occupying the country, raping it for profit, making room for US corporate privatization, labeling the people terrorists, and trying to incite a holy civil war. In order to manufacture support for their occupation, the United States government is waging a war of disinformation against its own citizens; using the mainstream media in campaigns to manipulate and falsify facts, to deceive, and to spread their war propaganda. They want to keep us ignorant, apathetic and passive so that we won’t resist. And it has worked, until now.

Since the war started, the Anarchists of Boston have marched in a Black Bloc. The Black Bloc is a tactic that is effective for accomplishing direct action, though its potential for intimidation and alienation can have adverse effects on our public image. Furthermore, the Black Bloc has, in recent years, rarely been used for direct action in Boston. Considering Operation: Over’s month-long campaign of decentralized direct action, and the alienating nature of our usual appearance at protests, this year, BAAM! is calling for a change of tactics.

We are calling for an Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Information Bloc, to accompany the regular anti-war march organized by the Rosa Parks Coalition. We recognize that marching could never stop this war. We will, instead, target the government’s disinformation campaign, so that tomorrow, we can stop all of the governments' wars. We will come out from behind our masks, and in our smiles and in our eyes, the people will see who we are on the inside. We are not terrorists: we are workers, students, rebels, artists, poets, brothers, sisters, teachers, and we are freedom fighters. While we are unyielding haters of oppression and authority, we are also enduring lovers of life, liberty, diversity, and community. It is time for us to show it.

The Information Bloc will work to counteract the government’s misinformation campaign by providing alternatives to their war propaganda. We will bring festiveness and life back to the Anarchist movement. Beneath our black flags, we will carry information to distribute to on-lookers, fellow protesters, and whoever else. Please bring fliers and pamphlets, banners, instruments, cameras, fact-sheets, soapboxes, signs, songs, chalk, zines, videos, and whatever other media you can dream up to get our message across. Lets get the information to the people. Lets show them who we really are, and what we really want. To the end of oppression, to the end of war!

-To stop this war, we must first inspire the hearts of the people, and nourish their minds. Education is the world’s greatest equalizer; we are building the foundations of a new world here, today-

In Love and Solidarity, -BAAM!

MEET: Saturday, March 18th, at 11am, at Blue Hill Ave and Dudley Street.
Look for the black flags. Take the #15 or #45 bus from Ruggles. There will
be a rally from 11am to 1pm, then a march to Boston Common.


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