February 26, 2005

Anarcon 05

The first day of the 5th annual Australian anarchist conference took place in Melbourne at Ceres environment park this weekend, with a range of workshops, and debates. Sessions included discussions on the unexamined 'whiteness' of Australian anarchism, in the context of the indigenous fight for justice, queer anarchism, plant propagation and the war in Iraq. Sunday's timetable includes discussions on unemployment, the Lake Cowal campaign, and anarchism and the sex industries.


5th annual Australian anarchist conference.

The conference will be held in Melbourne, on the weekend of 26-27 February 2005.

When:26-27 February 2005

Time:10-5 on Saturday, 11-6 on Sunday

Where:CERES environment park.

Who: Anyone

Price: Free (there will be a fundraiser on Saturday night which will cost $5)

Food: Free lunch will be provided by Food Not Bombs on both days.


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